Ok, not a very good title, but…

Got a big update on the writing front and the blog front.

Hopefully in the next week or so this blog will get a makeover. (nice new artwork from the House of K.  http://www.houseofk.co.uk/)

Hand of Glory got bounced by Jo Fletcher and Gollancz. Still in the mix at Angry Robot, but as they had over 500 submissions for their open door, I don’t expect them to get round to reading my sample chapters until most likely June. If I get a request for a full I will be totally over the moon.

Now Oracle. I revised this, bearing in mind the notes and thoughts Donna gave me with regard to my general writing, when she edited Hand of Glory. I then started to look around for somewhere to submit it.

Well, Gary over at Ticket Boo Press, (http://ticketyboopress.co.uk/) he who bought my short story, “Death won’t be cheated,” for his up coming anthology, Malevolence – Tales From Beyond the Veil, announced he was open to submissions for novels.

So I took a deep breath and submitted my Gaslight Fantasy, Oracle.

Well, I heard back from Gary, and he said he loved it. His wife loved it. Teresa Edgerton, a well known American Fantasy writer, who is part of Gary’s team, liked it as well (http://teresaedgerton.com/)

The next think was a shock, well least to me, Gary offered me a contract!

And like the man from Demonte I said, “Yes.” After a lot of thought that is. ;)

So, the last few days have been a whirlwind of emails, congratulations and pinching myself every ten minutes to make sure I am not dreaming.

I will keep this blog updated with my progress to publication. It is a new adventure for me and one I am sure is going to be fun!

I will also be sitting in my storyteller’s chair  this weekend , thinking up new adventures to write about.

Storyteller's chair



2 Responses to WOOT!

  1. Awesome storyteller chair! I’m sure it will inspire another amazing story from you. :)

  2. Woo-hoo once again! However, I would argue for the change of your blog title. You do not write fantasy romance, so it might confuse. I kind of like Gentle, Parochial Horror, though it is humorous in the sense that you are not parochial. So maybe just shorten? Just a thought.

    I am super-de-happy for you, but I am now highly in dungeon with Gollancz.