Ok, not a very good title, but…

Got a big update on the writing front and the blog front.

Hopefully in the next week or so this blog will get a makeover. (nice new artwork from the House of K.  http://www.houseofk.co.uk/)

Hand of Glory got bounced by Jo Fletcher and Gollancz. Still in the mix at Angry Robot, but as they had over 500 submissions for their open door, I don’t expect them to get round to reading my sample chapters until most likely June. If I get a request for a full I will be totally over the moon.

Now Oracle. I revised this, bearing in mind the notes and thoughts Donna gave me with regard to my general writing, when she edited Hand of Glory. I then started to look around for somewhere to submit it.

Well, Gary over at Ticket Boo Press, (http://ticketyboopress.co.uk/) he who bought my short story, “Death won’t be cheated,” for his up coming anthology, Malevolence – Tales From Beyond the Veil, announced he was open to submissions for novels.

So I took a deep breath and submitted my Gaslight Fantasy, Oracle.

Well, I heard back from Gary, and he said he loved it. His wife loved it. Teresa Edgerton, a well known American Fantasy writer, who is part of Gary’s team, liked it as well (http://teresaedgerton.com/)

The next think was a shock, well least to me, Gary offered me a contract!

And like the man from Demonte I said, “Yes.” After a lot of thought that is. ;)

So, the last few days have been a whirlwind of emails, congratulations and pinching myself every ten minutes to make sure I am not dreaming.

I will keep this blog updated with my progress to publication. It is a new adventure for me and one I am sure is going to be fun!

I will also be sitting in my storyteller’s chair  this weekend , thinking up new adventures to write about.

Storyteller's chair



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New Year update.

Ok, Hand of Glory is out on submission. So time to forget it, well, set it aside for now.

Oracle is undergoing revision, well I am making notes concerning the comments. I am still well within the time line the publisher gave, so no worries on that score.

Today I am finally going to start reading through Stoneman Green and looking at my notes with regards to this. The fact that I can allow this develop in its own way, rather than force it to a pattern is in someways a bit daunting, but lets have at it.

No publish date yet for the short story.

I also need to get working on a story for the Sffworld anthology for 2014.

On the convention front, I have booked the hotel for Loncon3 and Eastercon. Not yet booked or applied for membership for British Fantasycon this year, not sure if I am going. I am sure Kath will, York is not far for her.

bits and bobs 001

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Done it.

j0435235Ok, feeling quite sick. I have just sent off my submission to Jo Fletcher books of my newly minted manuscript for Hand of Glory. They tell you to aim high to begin with, but still. Jo Fletcher is one hell of a superb editor/publisher.

Anyway fingers crossed for a request for a full. Though I doubt it very much.

Still, if nothing heard by the middle of December I will submit to the Angry Robot open door. There again I have big doubts if a full will be requested.

Just the waiting to do now.



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Update on Oracle submission.

I have  received an email concerning my submission of my novel, Oracle, to a Romance publisher. Well, it’s a bit of a surprise. I had expected a rejection, but I have a revise and re-submit with details of what they want addressing and a date when they want it re-submitted.

The date gives me plenty of time to finish the edit of my other manuscript, submit that, and finish off the first draft of my stalled WIP, before I need to apply myself to the revision.


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World Fantasycon

Off to Brighton tomorrow. Never been to a World Con before, they normally are in the US. I couldn’t afford to go. Even the one in Brighton is costing me a lot. Not that I begrudge it. The last one held in this country was 1997. That’s 15 years ago. So this could be my last chance to go. I will be 75 in 15 years time. Old sod aren’t I? And I am still aiming to become a published writer. Stuff the set backs, that’s life, but I will get there, soon!


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Short story sold and other news.

Had a short story accepted by


For their anthology;  Malevolence – Tales From Beyond the Veil.  See their site for details of the superb artist, Aty Behsam.







Now in the process of editing said short story as per directed by editor.

I have sent a reminder/nudge to http://www.entangledpublishing.com/ concerning my submission of Oracle.

The huge re-edit of HOG is in its final stages. The first four chapters are done. I will hopefully do a couple more this week. I doubt it will be finished before WFC, but it will the week after as I am off work, so intend getting it finished. I will also prepare the two page chapter breakdown etc and the rest of the submission package Angry Robot are asking for in their open call. Not sure if I will submit. I am still running scared with this. Stupid I know. Thanks to Donna this story is now so damn strong you can bounce rocks off its pecks!




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The Robot is Angry.

Is it, hard to say, but it is open to submissions until the end of the year.


I am so, so tempted to submit my manuscript. I suppose it would come under the WTF genre. I think? I will sound out my friend’s opinions at WFC, see if it is worth a shot.




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So, the first stage is done.

5873676227_3e719fa0caMy expression here says it all.

I have finished the first run through of my manuscript. All Donna’s comments addressed, much altered and quite a few bits added. Even with deleting quite a bit I have added another 300 words so manuscript is now 100,850 words. Not a bad length.

Now I have to begin reading it through chapter by chapter and address the individual chapter notes Donna has sent. A lot of these elements were addressed in the comments in the manuscript, but some were not.

So, off we go.

Still not settled on a new title.

Still think my synopsis and pitch is poo.

Still I am hoping to have the manuscript ready for when I go to WFC, though I don’t know if I will get the courage up to pitch to anyone.

As for Oracle it is on 1 month and 13 days since submission. The online submission tracking system this publisher uses still states “in progress.” So will wait until after WFC to nudge.

Just under three weeks to WFC!!!

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Update October 5th 2013

Alright lame title, but I have never been very good at them. ;)

So Oracle is one month, four days into its submission. The Romance Publishers state on their website, they have a 30 day turn round. So either;

The office admin hasn’t got to it on their list of rejection letters yet.

One of the editors hasn’t yet reached it on their slush pile.

One of the editors is seriously thinking about it.

Any of the above is possible. I shall keep waiting, and nudge after two months.

Edit of HOG going slowly, as I am reading through the manuscript as I go to see what Donna has altered so I can put into practice the grammar/sentence construction etc in my new WIP. Also there are a number of sections where Donna has suggested re-writes and I need to think on these. I am working on one at present at the beginning of chapter four. This means I have the first three chapters well and truly polished. Still not sure of the new title. Anyone any ideas?

World Fantasycon in twenty six days and counting!

Also, it looks like Kath and I will be attending 3 big Cons next year. Eastercon in Glasgow, Loncon3 in London and Fantasycon in York.






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I really meant it

bits and bobs 001






Yes I did.

The more I dig into the edit of HOG the more I realise I still have a lot to learn with regards to the craft of writing.

I also need a new title for the manuscript.

Still, it is going well. Each comment it making me think and I hope to put the lessons I have learned into practice with  WIP – Stoneman Green.

Oracle is on its 29th day of submission. With hindsight I honestly don’t think it will be taken up, but least I have been able to practice my synopsis, pitch and query skills.

32 days until World Fantasy Con in Brighton. I am looking forward to it.



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